3rd Party-Fullfillment Services


Since 2001

3PL-Fullfillment Services

3rd Party-Fullfillment Services

We, High Relocation have been provide High Quality, High Standards, High Performance in Relocation,
Moving, Logistics and 3PL-Fullfillment since 2001

3rd Party-B2B/B2C-Fullfillment Services

Ontact business(Non face to face online business) due to COVID-20 worldwide pandemic expedited fast spread of on time last mile delivery services with 'One-Stop Services from Warehouse, Stock Inventory, Picking, Packing, same day delivery of ordered goods and foodstuff including inventory of goods in largest wholesales warehouse in Metro-Hub areas.

Inland Transportation & 3rd Party Logistics

A network of inland transportation and ties with national branches allow a fast and safe inland transportation service. Through bonded shed and a private customs service, we provide a total service of storage, customs and bonded transportation.


We provide a stable distribution agency service to our customers through optimized SCM (Supply Chain Management) for various comprehensive distribution functions (sea and air transportation, container transportation, inventory control, distribution process, transportation, delivery and installation etc.). We provides Warehouse in/out handing, Storage, Inventory, After Process, Safety, Control of returned goods, last mile delivery services with customized services.

3PL Definition and Effect Analysis

Third Party Logistics, as a part of logistics outsourcing, focuses all of the company's resources in the areas that can be strategically best or has core competence among the various activities performed by the company. It means'consigning the design, planning and operation of work to an external professional company'.

  • B2C - Shopping Malls

    B2C E-Commerce of Shopping malls, Open market, Home Shopping

  • B2B - Corporate Logistics

    B2B 3rd party logistics, Trade offer, Sea and Air, Inland Transportation, Bonded Warehouse, Combined Logistics Services

  • DM(Direct Mail) Services & Others

    B2C - Any kind of mailing services after sorting out as per placed order

  • Hot - Urgent/Emergent Logistics

    B2B-B2C - Hot delivery products, gifts in holiday seasons, National Holidays, Happy New Year, Christmas Seasons

  • 1. 24/7 Support
  • Rapid response to changes in broadcasting conditions through two shifts 24 hours a day
  • Minimization of delivery time constraints by operating a delivery terminal in the complex
  • Simultaneous printing of barcode labels and courier invoices in connection with home shopping companies and E-Commerce companies
  • Real-time response to packaging and processing according to Rapid changes in broadcast sales and online sales
  • Reduce unnecessary packaging and dismantling costs
  • 2. Inspection (of Quantity and Quality)
  • Precise and complete inspection service before broadcasting through a dedicated inspector
  • Real-time monitoring by weight check and camera installation during packaging and processing (Error Zero)
  • Final Random Checking-Realization of Zero Error with 3-step Cheeck Process
  • 3. Q&A - Easy access and communications
  • Smooth QA process by advance reservation (QA Zone separate operation)
  • Increasing close work cooperation service with QA manager (always waiting for QA manager)
  • 4. Zero Claim
  • Hot-line between home shopping company, E-Commerce company and distribution center (Direct-Response System)
  • Zero customer complaints by Real-time response when a claim occurs
  • 5. Cleaness
  • Operation of Clean Packing Zone
  • Uninterruptible strip door installation (blocking the inflow of external dust and foreign substances)
  • Vacuum Cleaning and Cleaning using Air-Gun
Effect of 3PL

Using 3PL can reduce financial risk by converting fixed costs into variable costs. In addition, management resources can be concentrated on important areas, so you can expect to strengthen your business expertise.

  • Enhancement of corporate core competencies

    Enhancement of professionalism and quality of core business by concentrating management resources on core competencies

  • Risk diversification

    Reduced large-scale capital investment by converting transportation and warehouse operations to 3PL. Converting Fixed Costs to Variable Costs

  • Creating synergy

    Creation of added value through reinforcement of core competencies in corporate activities and quick access to new markets and distribution channels

  • Enterprise management innovation tool

    Accelerate corporate innovation and transformation through restructuring and business process corrections such as renovation of inefficient areas

  • Expanding service expertise

    Securing expertise without large-scale investment through consignment of specialized companies for service tasks that require high level of expertise

  • Global network efficiency

    Efficient access to the market is possible in regions where cultural and economic differences occur using local specialists

Try efficient third-party logistics and experience the obvious cost savings!

One Stop Services

What is 'One-Stop Services in 3PL-Fullfillment ?

  • Storage of large stocks of
    goods in Huge warehouse
  • Last mile Delivery Services
  • Inventory of stored goods in regularly by Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
ONE –STOP Service Implementation

Improve efficiency-reduce logistics costs

We provide One-Stop Service based on accumulated know-how and professional manpower in overall logistics such as transportation, storage, inventory management, packaging, and delivery. We are building a flexible logistics system for one-stop operation and E-biz environment through logistics system construction.

ONE-STOP Service Flow Chart
1. Warehouse Receipt

We thoroughly check warehousing information, work preparation, and warehousing inspection, and use an accurate designated storage system for each customer

2. Storage / optimal racking logistics systems

In order to provide the best service for stored items, we are making efforts to prevent and remove moisture and all other contaminants.

3. Product Management - Sorting out / Data upload into WMS IT Platform

We provide an IT service that allows you to check a series of logistics processes for receiving, shipping, and delivering customer products through self-developed WMS (warehouse management system).

4. Picking, Packing, Inventory

Depending on the customer's order details, we collect the products stored in the distribution center and warehouse under systematic location management and prepare for delivery.

5. Returned Goods - merchandising

We carry out detailed inspections such as returned goods receipt, classification, inspection by box, standard inspection, classification by SKU, and weight inspection, and secure sales opportunities through re-commodification.

6. Check and Last mile delivery services

We build customized processes, provide fast, accurate, safe delivery, excellent courier quality, reliable delivery dates, and services with high customer reliability at the lowest unit price.

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